Dr. Florence Helen Nalini’s life journey began at the age of 21 with an inter-state, inter-religious marriage, blessing her with two beautiful daughters, Shreya and Sariha. However, the path to motherhood was fraught with challenges from the very beginning.
At the age of 22, she experienced a pregnancy complication—a breech presentation. The doctors delivered a grim prognosis, informing her husband that only one of them, either herself or the child, would survive. Despite the daunting odds, she embraced the journey of childbirth with unwavering determination and joy. The pain and uncertainty faded into insignificance the moment she held her newborn in her arms. However, their happiness was short-lived as her daughter was diagnosed with jaundice just four days after birth.
The financial strain resulting from their love marriage made raising a child an uphill battle. Determined to provide for her family, she delved into various job opportunities that aligned with her skills and talents. Even during her pregnancy, she continued working tirelessly until the day she delivered her baby. It was a challenging period as she juggled between breastfeeding and work responsibilities, relying on the support of friends to navigate through.
Her journey took a new turn when she embarked on a career in HR and subsequently moved to the UK with her husband and elder daughter. In London, she got pregnant with her second baby. She witnessed a friend endure a stillbirth. Fearing a similar fate, she sought refuge in the comforting embrace of her family and returned back to India.
She delivered her second baby at 27 years. Tragedy struck again when, at eight months pregnant, she suffered a fall in the kitchen. Rushed to the hospital amidst profuse bleeding, the doctors warned of a potential miscarriage, necessitating an early delivery. Her husband, halfway across the world in the USA, rushed back to her side, his presence providing solace in her darkest hour. Bedridden and grappling with the physical and emotional toll of the ordeal, she found solace in the safety of delivering her child, regardless of the toll it took on her body.
The challenges only intensified as she navigated the complexities of raising two children while her husband pursued opportunities abroad. Yet, amidst the struggles, her daughters blossomed into intelligent, accomplished individuals. Their academic prowess and multitalented nature filled her with immense pride and joy. Her elder daughter is a medical doctor and her younger daughter is a psychology graduate and an aspiring UPSC candidate. They both look upto her as their role model. She never made excuses in raising them; instead, they became the driving force behind every endeavor.
Her husband, Srinivas, stood as not just her life partner but also her pillar of strength, supporting her journey and championing feminism alongside her. Her parents, brother, and daughters had been unwavering in their support, serving as her guiding lights through life’s trials and triumphs.
To them, she dedicated every victory and accolade, for they were the true architects of her success.