Dr. Lily Aye Terangpi’s tenure as an Assistant Professor at Diphu Government College’s Department of Education embodies the essence of diligence and perseverance. Over her one and a half decades in higher education, she has showcased commendable commitment to her profession and students.

Commencing her career during a severe shortage of teachers, Dr. Terangpi bravely entered the teaching domain. Despite possessing solely a Master’s degree initially, her passion for education and societal change spurred her to tackle challenges head-on.

Driven by unyielding dedication, she embarked on a journey of relentless learning and growth. Mastering the art of teaching became her mission, evolving continuously to meet professional demands. Through sheer determination, she completed all requisites for higher education teaching, promptly clearing the National Eligibility Test (NET) under UGC guidelines.

Dr. Terangpi’s thirst for knowledge persisted. She pursued further academic laurels, securing an M.Phil. and ultimately attaining her Ph.D. from Nagaland University—a pivotal milestone. Her doctoral research delved into educational and societal issues, reflecting her dedication to fostering positive change through education.

Actively engaging in esteemed educational associations like the All India Association of Educational Research, the North East Education Society, and Rock Pebbles underscores her commitment to educational advancement and scholarly discourse.

Beyond academia, Dr. Terangpi is a published author, addressing various societal challenges in her works. Notably, her book “Educational Status and Problems of Karbi Women in Karbi Anglong District of Assam” sheds light on women’s education struggles in the region.

Recent contributions, such as co-authoring a chapter on “Mother’s Association’s Role in Women Empowerment with Reference to Nagaland,” demonstrate her ongoing dedication to contemporary issues through research.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Terangpi adapted, embracing online education and serving as a resource person for a value education seminar by St. Joseph University State University Nagaland. Her Zoom participation highlighted her adaptability and commitment to innovative teaching methods.

As in-person classes resumed, she advocated for blended education, recognizing online platforms’ potential to enhance learning experiences. Her proactive approach underscores her commitment to quality education, regardless of circumstances.

In summary, Dr. Lily Aye Terangpi’s journey epitomizes the transformative power of dedication and passion for education. From humble beginnings to academic achievements and contributions to scholarly research, her story inspires educators and students alike. Beyond academia, her endeavors to uplift marginalized communities demonstrate her holistic commitment to societal welfare.