In the dynamic realms of finance, technology, and social entrepreneurship, Dr. Raaj Gulati stands as a distinguished figure whose journey weaves together a tapestry of innovation, leadership, and a profound commitment to community welfare.

With a post-graduation in Commerce, Raj Kumar Gulati commenced his professional voyage at the age of 19 as a Probationary Officer in a regional rural bank. His early years laid the foundation for a career dedicated to establishing and expanding operations, implementing robust accounting systems, and driving innovation. However, his narrative extends beyond the conventional as he honed his skills further with a stint at Parag, the State Milk Federation, where he played a pivotal role from 1983 to 2001 after leaving the banking sector.

One of his significant achievements during this period was spearheading the implementation of a uniform accounting system across multiple branches of the State Milk Federation Parag. This showcased his strategic mindset and proficiency in streamlining financial operations, setting the stage for further accomplishments.

Transitioning to the role of Incharge Finance & Accounts at HCRI, an internationally reputed scientific research institute, Mr. Gulati showcased exemplary leadership over two decades. His tenure was marked by notable contributions to government accounting, audit, and inventory management, highlighting his prowess in handling diverse and complex responsibilities.

Post-doctorate in 2023, the transition to being known by the nickname Dr. Raaj Gulati marked a new era in recognition. Dr. Gulati assumed the role of Director at Retirement India Foundation, an NGO with a mission to make a meaningful impact on the lives of elders. Under his guidance, the foundation launched initiatives like providing One Rupee lunches, the Dr.ePF project for EPFO employees, and the ongoing development of Muktangan—an eco-friendly crematorium and auditorium.

His educational journey in commerce expanded into the realms of technology. Despite his banking and finance background, his keen interest in computers led him to open a Computer Showroom in 1997, a pioneering venture during the nascent stage of computers in India. A Tally Graduate with an expert command over Tally Accounting and software, his tech-savvy approach became evident when he started independently designing websites and launched in 2012. Collaborating with his sons, one a Nuclear engineer from MIT and the other holding an MS in Electronics from California, Dr. Gulati embraced technology and seamlessly integrated it into his administrative and financial expertise.

Beyond the professional spectrum, Dr. Gulati’s foray into technology has been instrumental in innovative projects. Notably, during the last Kumbh, he designed Kumbh India, showcasing the convergence of technology with administrative acumen. This multidisciplinary approach resurfaced in the form of Retirement India, an NGO where finance, technology, and community welfare converge seamlessly.

A crowning achievement in his illustrious career is the conceptualization and introduction of Sunset Deposit, a pioneering socio-financial product. Introduced for the first time in India and perhaps the world, Sunset Deposit has garnered attention, symbolizing a revolutionary thought for the nation.

In summary, Dr. Raaj Gulati’s narrative is a compelling testament to a visionary leader who seamlessly melds finance, technology, and social entrepreneurship. As he continues to shape innovative landscapes, his legacy becomes an inspiring beacon for future leaders, marking the evolution of a multifaceted professional journey.