Prof. Dr. Moushumi Datta boasts an impressive academic background with an MSc in Geography, an MBA, and two PhDs, one in Geography and the other in Management.

Her prowess in academia reflects prominently in her professional journey. Recognized for her exceptional leadership and management skills early on, Prof. Dr. Moushumi Datta was appointed as the IQAC coordinator of Nagindas Khandwala College. Embracing this responsibility wholeheartedly, she spearheaded initiatives that yielded remarkable results. Eventually, her qualifications and capabilities propelled her to the position of Principal at the same College, now transformed into an Empowered Autonomous Institution. Despite her administrative duties, Prof. Datta remains closely connected with her students, ensuring their needs are prioritized alongside the institution’s growth.


As a dedicated researcher, Prof. Dr. Moushumi Datta consistently devotes time to research endeavors. Apart from leading major and minor research projects, she collaborates with corporate entities on research initiatives. Her scholarly output includes over 43 ISBN publications and more than 45 ISSN publications in esteemed journals. Prof. Datta’s research interests span the impact of human activities on ecosystems and the socioeconomic dynamics of diverse rural and urban communities. Notably, her work has been featured in renowned journals such as the Geographical Review of India, the International Journal of Environmental Science, and the International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, among others. While Geography remains her primary focus, her contributions to journals like Anvesha and the Indian Journal of Commerce & Management Studies underscore her interest in Management. Prof. Datta’s interdisciplinary approach is evident in her paper on “Application of GIS in Business – An Innovation,” published in the UGC Approved Care Listed Journal, “Shodh Sanchar Bulletin.”

Keen on scholarly exchange, Prof. Datta has presented her research findings in seminars across India, Europe, the United States, and Southeast Asia. Additionally, she has authored several books widely used as reference materials by undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Prof. Dr. Moushumi Datta’s achievements have garnered significant recognition. Awards from esteemed organizations such as the Indus Foundation, USA, and accolades like the “Best Ensemble Faculty Award” and “Best Research Award” from Education Expo TV, highlight her contributions to academia and research. Other honors include the “National Building Award” from the Rotary Club, “The Real Super Women Award” from Forever Star India Award, “The Excellent IQAC Coordinator” from Thakur Awards, the “Best Principal Award” from InSc-Institute of Scholars, and the “Exemplary Researcher Award” from Education World.

Her expertise across academia, research, and management positions Prof. Dr. Moushumi Datta as a sought-after resource person for matters concerning Geography, research methodologies, education, and effective administration.