Nahla Centre for Child Development, nestled in the tranquil landscapes of Wayanad, Kerala, India, has emerged as a beacon of hope and transformation under the visionary leadership of CEO Abdusamad K. Renowned for its commitment to fostering holistic growth, Nahla CCD has gained recognition both nationally and internationally. With ambitious plans to become India’s largest child development center by the end of 2024, Nahla CCD is dedicated to providing comprehensive services aimed at nurturing children’s physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development.

Guided by CEO Abdusamad K’s vision, Nahla CCD aims to be more than just a center; it strives to be a collaborative space for children and families. Offering a wide range of services, including consultations with neurodevelopmental pediatric doctors, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and parental management training, Nahla CCD caters to children with diverse needs, from autism spectrum disorder to neuromuscular disorders. CEO Abdusamad K leads a team of professionals dedicated to maximizing each child’s potential through a family-centered approach, actively involving families in their child’s development journey.

Emphasizing a holistic approach to learning, Nahla CCD combines play-based learning with exploration and creativity to ensure children develop academically while enjoying the process. The center’s curriculum is thoughtfully designed to meet each child’s unique needs, nurturing their social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

The success of Nahla Centre for Child Development is further strengthened by directors Abdul Majeed Kallachi and Asharaf Kallachi, whose unwavering commitment to child rehabilitation echoes throughout the organization. Their vision extends beyond traditional child development, emphasizing the importance of nurturing today’s children to become future leaders. They believe in the transformative power of early intervention and holistic care, aligning seamlessly with Nahla CCD’s mission to provide compassionate support to every child.

Shammas Abdul Majeed, the executive director, envisions integrating childcare with income-generating activities in rural areas to support parents in improving their economic standing. By promoting community-based childcare cooperatives and entrepreneurship initiatives, Nahla CCD aims to create employment opportunities for women and caregivers while ensuring culturally sensitive and affordable childcare services for rural families.

At Nahla CCD, creativity, curiosity, and fun are central to the learning experience. The dedicated staff collaborates with parents to support each child’s unique abilities, fostering a positive and inspiring environment.

In conclusion, Nahla Centre for Child Development is committed to nurturing children’s potential and providing a supportive environment for their growth. As it continues to evolve, its dedication to collaboration with families and its holistic approach to learning ensures a brighter future for every child it serves. For more information, visit the center’s website at, where the journey of holistic growth and inspiration unfolds.