Mr. Khusheshwar Prasad “Avinash,” a renowned educationist for the past 20 years, has dedicated his life to improving education and selflessly serving the underprivileged and marginalized sections of society. His aim and priority have always been to uplift the weaker and deprived segments by integrating them into the mainstream of education.

As the founder of New Skylark Institute, Avinash guides and motivates students from lower classes to secondary education, providing almost free education. Recently, he was awarded the Best Teacher Award by the Private School and Children Welfare Association in New Delhi. Additionally, he has been honored with titles like “Gyan Ratna” and “Pratibha Samman” by Hindustan and Prabhat Khabar. District Administrations have recognized his dedication, particularly in securing excellent results for students in various competitive examinations.

Under Avinash’s leadership as President of the Skylark Youth Club, efforts have been made to uplift poor and needy students in villages, resulting in excellent academic outcomes. His dedication to providing quality education has contributed to the success of institutions like Cambridge Nightingale Public School, where he offers guidance, suggestions, and motivation, leading to academic excellence, discipline, and character development.

As Block President of the Private School and Children Welfare Association, Avinash endeavors to promote education among village students, addressing financial constraints, lack of awareness, and orthodox attitudes. His positive attitude and role as a motivator, counselor, friend, philosopher, and guide have brought about significant changes in societal perceptions.

Avinash ensures that his students receive quality education at an affordable price, maintaining the lowest possible fees without compromising on standards. New Skylark Institute in Ara, Bhojpur District, Bihar, offers both online and offline classes to support students in academics, personality development, and extracurricular activities.

Believing that education is the most potent tool for societal transformation, Avinash tirelessly works towards this goal, aiming to build an educated society from the grassroots level. His initiatives in rural education have empowered individuals and provided employment opportunities.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Avinash demonstrated exemplary service by working tirelessly to sanitize areas and distribute masks, further showcasing his commitment to community welfare.

In conclusion, we extend our best wishes to Avinash for continued success in his endeavors, confident that his efforts will contribute to the growth, progress, and holistic development of society.