A science teacher from a middle-class background excelled in academics and pursued his passion for science since childhood. Mr. Tammala Raju instilled in children the desire to apply scientific methods to everyday problems, emphasizing practical learning over theoretical knowledge.

Mr. Tammala Raju adopts innovative teaching methods to cultivate a scientific mindset among students, fostering their continuous development. With a keen focus on innovation, he encourages students to explore their ideas and develop them into tangible innovations. His aim is to nurture a spirit of experimentation and creativity in young minds, empowering them to tackle global challenges with unique perspectives.

Creating a conducive workspace within the school environment, he provides hands-on learning experiences where students can transform their ideas into reality. Equipped with tools, equipment, and educational kits covering various STEM concepts, the school becomes a hub for exploration and innovation. Additionally, Mr. Tammala Raju organizes various competitions, exhibitions, and workshops at district, state, and national levels to promote inventiveness among students.

Rather than simply teaching to the test, his approach emphasizes learning by doing, extending beyond the confines of the classroom. Under his guidance, students have excelled in state and national-level competitions, including the National Science Congress and IRIS STEM Programme, earning recognition for their achievements.

In acknowledgment of his dedicated service, Mr. Tammala Raju received the Telangana State Government District Level Best Teacher Award in 2019 and the State Level Award in 2023 from the Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister. He has also been honored with numerous awards from voluntary organizations. His ultimate aspiration is to witness students thriving at their fullest potential.