“The ability to learn is the most important quality a leader can have.”


Ms Anita Balakrishnan is a born educator who strongly believes in lifelong learning. Committed to providing students with exceptional learning opportunities, Ms. Anita emphasizes creating safe, happy, and challenging spaces for students to realize their full potential. The focus on fostering an environment where students, staff, and parents feel proud of their efforts and achievements demonstrates dedication to creating a positive and supportive atmosphere in the teaching and learning process. Ms. Anita’s role as an inspiration, encouraging others to persevere and reach their goals, aligns with the core principles of lifelong learning and education. Encouraging a resilient mindset is invaluable for both personal and academic growth.

Throughout Ms. Anita’s nearly three-decade-long career, a guiding principle has been that students need guidance sprinkled with trust and care to grow and find happiness. Ms. Anita believes that all students can achieve excellence through inclusive and innovative policies, practices, and well-defined outcomes that allow for holistic, cohesive, and free learning spaces.

Ms. Anita highlights essential components of a strong curricular, pedagogical, and assessment policy, breaking down each aspect:

Teachers’ Knowledge: Ms. Anita emphasizes the importance of teachers having a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the subjects they teach, along with awareness of various learning styles and strategies to cater to diverse student needs.

Learning Environment and Positive Classrooms: Ms. Anita focuses on creating a safe, inclusive, and positive atmosphere conducive to learning, encouraging positive and constructive interactions between teachers and students.

Teaching-Learning Methodologies: Ms. Anita advocates for employing a diverse range of teaching methodologies to engage students and accommodate different learning styles. Infusing creative arts, values, life skills, and sports into the curriculum provides a holistic learning experience.

Interdisciplinary Approach: Collaboration across disciplines provides students with a broader perspective and understanding.

Informal Assessments: Ms. Anita supports using informal assessments to measure students’ progress on a developmental continuum, providing regular feedback for ongoing improvement.

Continual Professional Development: Encouraging teachers to continually upgrade their knowledge, competencies, and skills fosters a culture of continuous learning among the teaching staff.

Inclusivity: Ms. Anita ensures that teaching methods and materials are inclusive, addressing the diverse needs of all students, including those with special educational requirements.

Culture of Innovation: Fostering a culture that values innovation encourages exploration of new and effective ways of teaching, adapting to new technologies and pedagogical approaches.

A policy encompassing these descriptors creates an enriched educational experience, supporting students’ well-rounded education and educators’ professional growth. Embodying these values and principles contributes significantly to creating an educational environment that shapes motivated, resilient individuals equipped for a lifetime of learning and success. Commitment to these ideals fosters a culture of continuous improvement and personal development within the educational community.