Mr. SP Singh is a retired Indian Army Officer who served the nation with unwavering dedication, enthusiasm, and passion for three decades. Throughout his illustrious career, he earned numerous medals and accolades from the Indian Army, highlighting his discipline, punctuality, and innovative spirit. Presently, he is renowned as the Founder and Brand Ambassador of ONPASSIVE, an Artificial Intelligence company. Additionally, he is highly respected as an international graphic designer, having penned articles, designed visuals, and crafted 3D videos to promote ONPASSIVE and its AI products.

With an MBA in HR, Mr. Singh possesses extensive marketing experience and is well-versed in Artificial Intelligence, algorithms, and autonomous SaaS AI tools. He foresees a future where AI will revolutionize various sectors, including combatting corruption and military applications. Moreover, he serves as a distinguished Director at the Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce, Hyderabad, India.

Mr. Singh is not only a responsible leader but also balances his family, professional, and spiritual life adeptly. His global spiritual service aims to uplift humanity and foster virtues. Known for his high moral standards, he exudes a dignified persona and maintains an attractive appearance. During interviews, he impresses with his well-mannered demeanor, extensive experience, and eloquent speech.

As an empowering entrepreneur, Mr. Singh possesses the ability to lead organizations smoothly, driven by his spiritual knowledge. He advocates for hard work, believing that rigorous training prepares one for life’s challenges. His mantra, “Sweat in training & Save Blood in War,” underscores the importance of preparation and resilience. By instilling a culture of constant effort and perseverance, he cultivates trust and confidence in others.

Mr. Singh’s profound sense of belongingness and vision for upliftment aligns him with individuals dedicated to serving humanity, either through physical or technical means. His loyalty to ONPASSIVE reflects his unwavering devotion and obedience, inspiring many with his remarkable journey and psychological strength. He epitomizes the qualities of a father, soldier, mentor, and successful businessman, commanding respect and admiration.

His mantra emphasizes the importance of hard work in achieving success, underlining the value of consistent effort and dedication. Mr. Singh’s exemplary personality invites heartfelt salutes, as his treasure of blessings continues to illuminate his path towards a bright future.