Her journey involves a lot of sweet, emotional, and challenging phases that mold strong and intellectual women.

After completing her education, she secured her first job in a well-known school in West Delhi, but it turned out to be a disastrous decision. The pay scale and the social environment among the teachers were depressing. Consequently, she left the job and found employment in a different school, accumulating more than 2 years of experience. Her journey through private schools was a mixture of sweet and salty memories. She endured immense work pressure, inadequate pay scales not in line with educational policies, disrespect from school authorities, lack of appreciation for extraordinary work, and a lack of job security. Her interest has always been in teaching teachers rather than students, as they are the foundation builders who need to adapt their teaching methods to meet the needs of every child. This passion led her to establish Pearl Educational Tricks, where she helps teachers facing challenges with content delivery or those seeking inspiration. Focusing on experiential learning and the quality of education, they aim to prepare the future of society.

What does she like most about her profession?

If she were told not to teach for a day, it would be a difficult period for her. Teaching guides her on what she wants from her life and how she can help everyone achieve their full potential. When teachers message her to share feedback on activities, or inform her of being selected in an international school, or clearing a demo session smoothly, she feels extremely blessed and overwhelmed. It’s a heartwarming experience when teachers express their desire to emulate her.