Nalini Kr. Majumder, born on September 1, 1963, in Baligaon of Nagaon District, Assam, is the eighth child in a family of ten siblings. His father, Moksheswar Majumder, was an unrecognized freedom fighter of the Quit India Movement and the founder Headmaster of Phulaguri M.E. School. Nalini Kr. completed his elementary and secondary education at Phulaguri High School in Nagaon district, followed by a Pre-degree in Science from Nagaon College under Guwahati University in 1984. Growing up in a loving family, he actively participated in various societal activities, including organizational ones. He also played a significant role in the Assam Movement on the issue of foreigners from 1979 to 1985.
March 1, 1983, marked a tragic day in Nalini’s life when more than 35 ( declared as martyrs ) of his colleagues, including his relative brother, lost their lives within two hours while protect ing the houses and properties of Assamese people during the Assam Movement. Due to safety concerns, his parents decided to enroll him in Duliajan College in Dibrugarh district. There, he became the President of the Student Union, actively working towards the development of students. Later, he was elected as the Vice President of the Student Union of Duliajan Unit of AASU. In 1987, he signed an accord as the Acting President of Duliajan unit of AASU, leading to the removal of the Chairman & Managing Director of Oil India Limited after a year-long agitation.
Continuing his education, Nalini Kr. graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Duliajan College in 1987. During this period, he met prominent figures like Mr. Sarbananda Sonowal, the present Cabinet Minister of the Central Ministry of India, and provided special classes in Science and Math to pre-Metric students, including Mr. Terosh Guwala, the present MLA of Duliajan LAC.
Nalini Kr. held various leadership positions in different associations from 1987 to 2000, working towards social causes and educational development. He began his teaching career in 1989 at Bordubi Higher Secondary School in Tinsukia district, later joining Kendriya Vidyalaya Duliajan in 1990 and then Kacharipather M.E. School in Dibrugarh district as a Science graduate teacher. He actively organized various school programs and community development activities, contributing to the physical and academic growth of the students.
Recognized for his dedication, Nalini Kr. was appointed as a Cluster Resource Centre Coordinator (CRCC) for Dulia jan cluster in 2003, overseeing the smooth implementation of SSA programs. He later served as an Additional Block Resource Centre Coordinator (ABRCC) for Tengakhat Education Block, conducting various SSA activities and teach er training programs. In 2019, he received the Best Teacher Award at the district level and subsequently received state-level and national/international awards for his outstanding contributions to education
As the Head of the Institution from 2015 to 2023, Nalini Kr. led his school to achieve an average A Grade in the GUNOTSAV assessments and secured a 5-star category for the Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar 2022. Enrollment increased significantly, and the school observed its Golden Jubilee with extensive community support. Nalini’s tenure witnessed the establishment of various facilities, including a Community Hub, Tele Education, Science & Maths Corner, and a Playground, further enhancing the school’s educational environment. He was the President of Dibrugarh district Secondary Science Teacher Association for five years wef 1994 .