Ms. Keran Bahadur, Chairperson of Colonel’s Academy, Mhow, embodies exemplary leadership in the realm of education. With over 38 years of experience, her journey is marked by a deep commitment to fostering academic excellence and holistic development. Alongside her husband, Colonel Fateh Jang Bahadur, she founded Colonel’s Academy in 1995, envisioning an institution that would cater to the educational needs of Mhow and its surrounding areas.

Colonel’s Academy, the first CBSE school in Mhow, operates under the motto “Discover the joy of learning,” reflecting Ms. Bahadur’s belief in creating an inspiring environment for students. Her leadership has not only expanded the physical infrastructure of the academy but also instilled confidence and competence in its students. Rooted in the philosophy of “Character, Knowledge, Courage,” the academy aims to nurture students into happy, healthy, and educated global citizens.

Beyond academic excellence, Ms. Bahadur’s leadership extends to impactful community initiatives. Under her guidance, Colonel’s Academy has spearheaded campaigns such as the ‘Anti-Tobacco Campaign’ and ‘Swatch Bharat Abhiyan,’ leading to the school being declared a ‘Zero Waste Green Campus’ and ‘Plastic Free Zone.’ Collaborating with Mhow Cantonment, the academy has promoted safe driving and traffic awareness.

Ms. Bahadur’s commitment to social responsibility is exemplified by the ‘Handful of Rice’ project, where students collect grains for the elderly residents of village Kelod, fostering values of empathy and compassion. Moreover, inclusive initiatives, like inviting students from Gyanodaya, a school for underprivileged children, to celebrate Diwali, showcase her dedication to fostering unity and diversity.

Recognizing the importance of teacher training, Ms. Bahadur initiated the establishment of Colonel Fateh Jang College of Education. Her leadership has also been instrumental in the professional development of teachers at Colonel’s Academy. Her contributions have garnered widespread recognition, including the President’s National Award for Teachers in 2010 and commendations from various dignitaries.

Ms. Bahadur’s astute leadership has propelled Colonel’s Academy to receive accolades such as the International School Award from the British Council and the SOE Global Education Award for Best Innovative Practices. Trained at IIM Ahmedabad in collaboration with CBSE, she also serves as a trainer for CBSE and is a member of the CBSE panel of school principals conducting inspections on behalf of the board.

In summary, Ms. Keran Bahadur’s leadership at Colonel’s Academy, Mhow, transcends mere institutional management. Her vision, compassion, and dedication have not only shaped the academic landscape of the institution but have also contributed significantly to the holistic development of students and the betterment of society.