Dr. Madan Chandra Karan, a luminary in the realm of Bengali literature, emerges from the serene environs of Sandeshkhali, Sunderban. His academic journey traverses diverse institutions, both in India and abroad, enriching his literary acumen. Renowned as a professor and a prolific writer, he delves into the intricate tapestry of language, society, and comparative studies, unraveling cultural intricacies with finesse.

His literary repertoire boasts seminal works such as “Jannater Samsar,” “Neck Nahas,” and profound treatises on communalism. Through an array of literary articles and books, he intricately explores the multifaceted dynamics of society.

The illustrious career of Dr. Karan is adorned with prestigious accolades, including the Vidyalankara Award (2007), BangaRatna (2015), and the esteemed Nelson Mandela Award (2017). His scholarly contributions have garnered international recognition, exemplified by honorary D.Litt degrees from institutions such as École Robert de Sorbon in France and Peace University Germany.

Dr. Karan’s erudition resonates globally, as evidenced by accolades like the Rabindranath Tagore Award received at the World Peace Meet in 2019. His designation as a Professor of Excellence, conferred by the British National University in 2022, underscores his profound influence on academia.

Beyond the realm of awards, Dr. Karan’s legacy reverberates through his profound literary works, shaping cultural discourse and enriching intellectual landscapes worldwide. His literary repertoire includes:

“Madan Manjiri” (Book of Poems)
“Jamin” (Book of Poems)
“Surasaki Singhasan” (Book of Poems)
“Bedonar Satadal” (Book of Poems)
“Chander Anchal” (Book of Poems)
“Premer Mulya” (Book of Poems)
“A Star behind the Land” (Story book)
“Swapan Nadir Banke Banke” (Story book)
“Shrabaner Bansha” (Novel)
“Banglay Panini” (Sanskrit book)
Dr. Karan’s literary prowess has been acknowledged globally, with awards and recognitions including:

Doctor of Letters by Central America University
Hind Ratan (U.K)
Professor of Excellence (St. Paul University-Argentina)
Education Leadership Award-Thailand
B.S.S. Academy Award
Dr. Madan Chandra Karan’s contributions transcend geographical boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the literary and academic spheres. His unwavering dedication to exploring the nuances of language, society, and culture continues to inspire generations, cementing his legacy as a titan of Bengali literature.