Dr. (Smt) Eshwari Prabhakar, a devoted mother and educator, takes immense pride in nurturing her children alongside her supportive husband, Prabhakar. Together, they instilled essential values of integrity, ethics, and kindness from their children’s early years, fostering a strong foundation for their daughter, Pooja, now a successful doctor, and their son, Rohit, flourishing as an engineer, both of whom attended the same school.

Their collaborative efforts ensured the children were equipped with the tools and values necessary to navigate life’s challenges, emphasizing the importance of striving for excellence and maintaining compassion towards others. Eshwari believes that being a great mom involves instilling values that guide her children towards success and fulfillment.

Reflecting on their achievements fills Eshwari with immense pride and gratitude, underscoring the rewarding journey they’ve shared as a family. She embraces motherhood as the greatest gift, acknowledging its profound influence on her children’s lives. The words of James E. Faust resonate with her, affirming the immeasurable impact a mother’s love has on her children.

With her husband, Prabhakar, by her side, Eshwari continues to nurture and support her children, fostering their growth as individuals with integrity, compassion, and a drive for excellence. Through their collective efforts, they have laid the groundwork for their children’s success, shaping them into compassionate and accomplished individuals ready to make a positive impact on the world.