Mr. Vikar Mustafa, an individual who opts to withhold his name from public acknowledgment, has navigated a distinguished career path marked by notable achievements and substantial contributions to the realms of engineering and construction. Originating from Kashmir, his educational voyage commenced at Tyndale Biscoe School, an esteemed English medium institution, where he completed his schooling in 1976. Renowned for his prowess in sports, he actively engaged in various disciplines including Hockey, Cricket, Volleyball, Squash, while nurturing a profound passion for Golf, a pursuit that continues to captivate him to this day.

Following his academic pursuits, he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Regional Engineering College (Kashmir), graduating in 1984. Shortly thereafter, he embarked on his professional odyssey by affiliating with the J&K Project Construction Corporation Ltd. Commencing as a Deputy Manager on probation, his unwavering dedication and exceptional competence swiftly warranted his permanent appointment as Deputy Manager.

Progressing through the organizational ranks, he ascended from Deputy Manager to Manager, then to Deputy General Manager, and eventually to General Manager, with each step underscored by his remarkable leadership qualities and strategic foresight. Ultimately, in a crowning achievement, he ascended to the esteemed position of Managing Director in 2018, a testament to his outstanding managerial acumen.

The JKPCC Ltd., a semi-governmental entity, undertakes pivotal infrastructure projects encompassing bridges, roads, and buildings across Jammu and Kashmir, including Ladakh. With a workforce of nearly 11,000 individuals, the organization serves as a cornerstone for regional development and progress. Throughout his tenure, he garnered accolades and commendations from various Chief Ministers and the Governor, recognizing his exceptional contributions and exemplary leadership.

During a brief hiatus from his routine responsibilities, he collaborated with the prestigious Japanese organization, Obayashi Corporation, contributing significantly to the construction of the Nizam u din bridge in New Delhi. Notably, this project, completed within a record time frame of 23 months, underscored his efficiency and expertise in the domain of construction management.

Subsequently, he embarked on an international assignment with Obayashi Corporation, playing a pivotal role in the construction of the Dubai Metro in Dubai, serving as a Construction Manager for three years. His overseas tenure provided invaluable insights into global construction practices, enriching his professional repertoire and expanding his horizons.

Upon returning to his native grounds, he resumed his pivotal role as Managing Director at JKPCC Ltd., steering the organization with unwavering commitment and visionary leadership until his retirement in 2021. Throughout his illustrious career, he epitomized exemplary leadership, technical prowess, and an unyielding dedication to the advancement of infrastructure and construction. His legacy remains indelibly etched in the annals of engineering excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for future generations in the field.