Preeti Kamdi, the founder of PCH Preeti Counselling Hub, is a multifaceted professional with expertise in family therapy, marriage counselling, teenage counselling, career counselling, and parenting. With over a decade of counselling experience, she specializes in addressing family and marital issues, as well as providing guidance on career and parenting matters. Her primary focus is on improving the emotional well-being of highly sensitive individuals, aiming to create positive transformations in their lives. Through her career guidance and counselling programs, she has positively impacted the lives of more than 25,000 students and over 10,000 individuals seeking to enhance their parenting skills and navigate adolescence.

Her academic journey reflects her commitment to excellence. As a student, she consistently earned top honors and received the prestigious Karim Bano silver medal for excellence in Zoology. Transitioning into the field of education, she gained valuable teaching experience, particularly focusing on specialized models for adolescent development. She pursued postgraduate studies in family therapy and marriage counselling, where she made significant contributions to the fields of education and counselling.

Over the course of her 10-year career, she has initiated numerous innovative programs for schools catering to adolescent students, as well as working and nonworking women. Additionally, she conducts guidance and awareness programs focused on suicide prevention awareness as part of the social services provided by PCH. Active in various clubs, including the Alliance Club International, Lions Club, and Women’s Club, she is deeply committed to addressing women’s issues and promoting family well-being.

Her exceptional contributions to society have been recognized through numerous awards, including the Alliance Club International Uttam Seva Samman, the Bina Shakti Club Award for Shresht Seva Karya, the Matru Shakti Nagar Vibhuti Alankaran Samman, and the Nari Shakti Samman Award. She has also received the Bharat Gaurav Puraskar ,by KTK education foundation for her outstanding achievements and remarkable contributions in the field of psychology.

Continuing her professional development, she has participated in numerous national and international workshops and training sessions led by renowned psychologists. She has conducted workshops for senior college students, professors, and hospital staff on topics such as ICC-POSH and stress management. With her extensive experience in addressing various family issues, she has become an expert in handling relationship conflicts, marital problems, and child development-related issues.

Preeti Counseling Hub’s mission is to promote family well-being, with a vision to impact 1 lakh families by 2030 for the betterment of society and the nation. She is an active member of the Indian Psychological Association and the Mind-body Training Institute in Canada. She aims to develop specific models and projects for adolescents about their psychosocial behaviour in collaboration with their parents, while also focusing on mental health and self-empowerment initiatives for individuals. Through her dedication and expertise, she continues to make significant contributions to the field of counselling and social welfare.
She continues to strive for mental health awareness and self-empowerment, furthering her mission under MAITREE RESILIENCE (OPC) Private Limited to create employment and promote well-being through counselling services.
These services, aiming to strengthen the individual’s potential and capacity to Nation building.