Micaela Ventura, an esteemed educator currently leading as the Head of Primary at DSB International School, boasts over 13 years of experience in the educational field, spanning across various international locations including the UK, UAE, and India.

Hailing from Portugal, Micaela holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Early Years Education with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) from the UK, demonstrating her dedication to professional growth by pursuing a Masters in Education with a specialization in Leadership and Administration.

With a focus on early years education, Micaela has garnered five years of experience in middle leadership and an additional three years in senior leadership roles. Her commitment to leadership development is evident through her attainment of the National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL) and her role as a COBIS Facilitator, showcasing her dedication to fostering professional growth within the educational community.

A key strength of Micaela lies in her multicultural background, having been born and raised in Portugal and teaching in diverse international settings. This diverse background enriches her teaching and leadership style, enabling effective communication and connection with students and colleagues from various cultural backgrounds.

Micaela’s dedication to professional development extends beyond borders, as she has led and facilitated sessions in different cities across India and Sri Lanka, contributing to the enhancement of teaching practices and educational leadership nationwide. Her expertise and passion transcend geographical boundaries, reflecting her unwavering commitment to advancing education globally.

Achieving a commendable 91% net score in Foundation Stage in her first year of headship, Micaela demonstrates her commitment to delivering high-quality education at all levels.

Transitioning to a new chapter in her career, Micaela is poised to become the inaugural Head of School at Little World Learning Centre, Jabalpur—an international school set to begin operations in the upcoming academic year. Her extensive experience in education and leadership roles, coupled with her commitment to professional development, position her as a valuable asset in establishing and leading educational initiatives.

Micaela’s contributions to education have been recognized with an award from the International Association for Quality Education (IAfQE), highlighting her excellence in advancing the cause of quality education and maintaining high standards in the educational landscape.

Furthermore, Micaela has been invited to present at prestigious conferences such as the 2024 HighScope Annual International Conference and the COBIS 42nd Annual Conference. These invitations underscore her expertise and influence within the international educational community, offering valuable insights and fostering collaboration on best practices in education.

Micaela Ventura’s role as a presenter at these esteemed conferences showcases her commitment to advancing education and sharing her expertise with fellow educators worldwide, solidifying her position as an influential figure in shaping educational practices on a global scale.