Meet Dr. Arvind Kumar Pushkar: Empowering the Strength of Homeopathy with Technology and Expertise

Excelling in the realm of medicine demands patience and perseverance. Doctors not only save lives but also innovate their methods while sharing knowledge with peers, juniors, and students. The dedication of a doctor towards society knows no bounds. Homeopathy, a science rooted in decades of rich information, has garnered increasing attention in recent times, drawing inspiration from the contributions of Dr. Arvind Kumar Pushkar.

Dr. Arvind Kumar Pushkar is a staunch advocate of integrating technology with homeopathy. He established Dr. Pushkar’s Medical Care as the premier Homeopathic Medical Center for chronic diseases in Uttar Pradesh. We can all attest that practicing homeopathy is a challenging task, given limited resources and strained infrastructure. However, Dr. Arvind emerged as an innovative force by providing comprehensive software to nearly every homeopathic institute in Uttar Pradesh. He has trained over 10,000 students in homeopathy and, as an expert, has treated over 2.5 lakh patients, both online and offline.

Dr. Arvind’s unparalleled reputation sees him treating over 250 patients online every month across India. Yet, Dr. Arvind candidly recounts the challenges he faced during his BHMS (Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery) studies. From outdated textbooks to an inefficient education system, homeopathy faced numerous hurdles. However, Dr. Arvind’s determination to elevate homeopathy to new heights became evident. He collaborated with software engineers to develop a platform for patient treatment. His sincere efforts led to the integration of this software with several homeopathic institutes in UP.

Attending seminars, Dr. Arvind expanded his knowledge in this remarkable science, charting a new path for excellence. He authored the Homoeopathic Book Series ‘Medical Hormony,’ a textbook provided to Homoeopathic Medical students free of charge. Dr. Arvind reached out to various publishing companies, becoming a distributor and trainer for the world’s No.1 Homoeopathic Software Classic, B. Jain Publications, and IBBP Publications. During his college years, he even designed a detailed website about homeopathy, inaugurated by the then-chief secretary, Mr. Akhand Pratap Singh.

In addition to his projects, Dr. Arvind has collaborated with Cipla and conducted free medical camps for the needy. His altruistic endeavors include building software that treated over 80,000 patients and donating books to enrich the field of homeopathy. He has received several awards, including the International Brilliance Award 2023 for Excellence in Homeopathy by Shri. Surendra Pal Ji, Rashtriya Gaurav Award by Socially Point Foundation, MP, Rashtriya Abhimaan Puraskaar 2023 by the Ambassador of Palestine, and many others. With such passion and dedication, Dr. Arvind Kumar Pushkar is destined to achieve even greater heights of success.