Dr. S.C. Pandey, the founder of Pandey Classes educational institute and RN Public School (Senior Secondary), is a renowned senior Physics teacher in Prayagraj. With over 20 years of teaching experience, he has witnessed many of his students achieve new heights and success in various fields. His goal is to provide excellent education by adhering to the most recent and innovative teaching approaches. It has always been his dream to offer the right education to students and ensure their future success.

Dr. Pandey has been awarded many accolades, including the “Amar Ujala Best Teacher,” “Dainik Jagran Best Teacher,” “Trusted Coaching Innovative Teacher,” and the Education Icon Award. He recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award and was honored with the prestigious Fame 60 Under 60 Award as the Best Teacher of the Year. He has also been awarded the International Gold Trophy and Case Study Gold Trophy, among others.

His institute, Pandey Classes, has been recognized as the top coaching institute in Prayagraj for Engineering and Medical courses. Dr. Pandey has published research papers such as “Lattice Dynamical Study of Indium Arsenide” in 2015, “Theoretical Approach of VTSM to Lattice Dynamical Study of Indium Antimonide (InSb)” in 2016, and “Lattice Dynamical Study of Indium Pnictides” in 2017 in the International Journal of Physics.

Dr. Pandey delivers excellent education for IIT JEE/NEET and Foundation classes. He effectively helps students improve their scores while ensuring that his tutoring services remain affordable without compromising quality. Founded in 2002, Pandey Classes has achieved significant milestones over the years, offering quality offline and online classes.

Dr. Pandey aims to support students not only in academics but also in developing their soft skills and personalities. He constantly seeks new ways to reach students and help them achieve their goals. Self-development and gratitude are vital values that he instills in his students to create a new stage of education.

His desire is to educate students across India in all aspects of life, believing that it can be achieved through online learning platforms. He supports economically weaker students with free classes and aims to eliminate poverty by spreading the light of education throughout India. Dr. Pandey firmly believes that education is the key to success and resolves to redouble his efforts as a teacher in educating the future generation.