Dr. Namita Narendra Puri, driven by a deep-rooted belief in innovation, has always been intrigued by the potential of skincare and haircare. She holds the conviction that beauty is not only something to be discovered but also something that can be cultivated, enhancing an individual’s confidence from within and enabling them to achieve more than they ever thought possible. With a natural inclination towards aesthetics, a medical background, and a fervent passion for teaching, she embodies a unique blend of skills and expertise.

As a pioneer member of Permanent Makeup (PMU) in India, she has carved a niche for herself in the beauty industry. She is the proud owner of Riyaanz Aesthetic, a prominent cosmetic clinic in Hyderabad, and a dedicated PMU studio where she specializes in various forms of semi-permanent makeup. Her journey into the world of aesthetics and PMU began in 2010, at a time when these services were not widely available in India. Undeterred by the lack of existing infrastructure, she embarked on a mission to introduce and establish these techniques in the country.

In addition to her successful practice, she is also deeply committed to sharing her knowledge and expertise with aspiring professionals. In 2020, she founded a training academy to provide comprehensive education and hands-on training in aesthetics and PMU. Her academy serves as a platform for students to learn from her wealth of experience and gain practical skills in this specialized field. She serves as a trainer for the International Board of Aesthetic Medicine and Semi-Permanent Makeup (SPMU), further solidifying her reputation as a leading authority in the industry.

Through her innovative approach and dedication to excellence, she has not only transformed countless individuals but has also played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of the beauty industry in India. Her commitment to education and training ensures that her legacy extends far beyond her own practice, empowering the next generation of professionals to excel in the field of aesthetics and PMU.

I condensed the information to capture her expertise in aesthetics and PMU, her pioneering role in the industry, and her commitment to education and training, within the given word limit. Let me know if you need any further adjustments!