Dr. Diptimayee Dash holds double Master’s degrees in Journalism and Mass Communication and Business Administration, along with a PhD in Finance. Despite her academic accomplishments, her true passion lies in advocating for autistic children, driven by her personal connection as a parent to an autistic child.

Specializing in Finance and Marketing during her MBA, Dr. Dash has a background as a financial analyst and holds NISM certification. Concerned about the economic plight of India’s autistic population, which comprises approximately 18 million individuals, she endeavors to empower their families financially.

When visiting her child’s school, Dr. Dash generously imparts financial literacy to parents, teaching them about mutual funds, saving strategies, and trading techniques. She emphasizes the importance of financial independence for these families, advocating that even children should learn about financial management to improve their economic status.

Additionally, Dr. Dash provides guidance on accessing government educational resources, recognizing the significance of education in shaping the future of autistic individuals. Despite receiving no financial remuneration for her efforts, she finds fulfillment in assisting these families and believes her actions will ultimately benefit them in the long run.

Dr. Dash envisions a brighter future for India’s autistic population and believes that integrating them into the economy will contribute to the nation’s GDP growth. She advocates for their inclusion and stresses the importance of nurturing their abilities to ensure they become contributing members of society.

Moreover, Dr. Dash shares heartwarming stories of achievement within the autistic community, such as a boy from the USHAS school who received recognition from APJ Abdul Kalam for his artistic talents. She also highlights the resilience of a girl who, despite facing obstacles, pursued her passion for teaching and found joy in educating children.

At Tamanna school, where her child receives education sponsored by the railway, Dr. Dash organizes practical learning experiences, such as visits to hotels to learn about marketing. She facilitates seasonal sales events where students create and sell products, fostering their entrepreneurial spirit and practical skills.

While Dr. Dash acknowledges her limitations in providing a platform for these children, she remains committed to supporting them through advertising and advocacy. She firmly believes in the potential of every individual, advocating for a society that cherishes and nurtures diversity, recognizing that those perceived as “differently abled” possess unique talents and abilities.