Biju Sebastian Parampakth, born in 1974, is an eminent educationalist, social activist, and author renowned for his multifaceted contributions. Armed with a postgraduate degree in English literature and a Bachelor of Education from Bangalore University, he pursued further academic excellence, culminating in a PhD in Mass Communication and Journalism. His intellectual prowess extends beyond academia, as evidenced by his prolific writing for esteemed magazines and the publication of three impactful books: “Social Media Impact on Behaviour Changes in Children,” “Influence and Effect of Social Media on Teenagers,” and “Cyber Attacks and Cyberstalking.”

As a principal overseeing numerous schools, Biju Parampakth interacts closely with students daily, shaping their educational journey with a holistic perspective. He firmly believes in the adage that “education is the key to success in life,” recognizing the profound influence educators wield in shaping the future of their pupils. His educational philosophy emphasizes a comprehensive approach, encompassing intellectual, physical, moral, spiritual, emotional, and social development.

Parampakth’s educational ethos revolves around nurturing well-rounded individuals with a strong moral compass and a commitment to excellence. He prioritizes character formation and personality development, striving to instill in students a sense of patriotism, adherence to the law, and a drive for continual improvement. Moreover, he advocates for inclusivity and social responsibility, championing the cause of marginalized communities and fostering empathy among students.

Through his leadership and guidance, Parampakth aims to empower students to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives, marked by success and happiness. His dedication to holistic education underscores his unwavering commitment to shaping future generations into responsible global citizens, equipped with the knowledge and values necessary to navigate an increasingly complex world.