A Luminary in Education: Pioneering Excellence

Embarking on a journey in education in 1999, the seeds of passion were sown through home tutoring, laying the foundation for an illustrious career. The canvas of teaching first came to life at Good Shepherd Mission School in Surat, where the journey of shaping young minds began.

In 2004, a trailblazing chapter unfolded as the founder teacher at Apex Public School in Kota, eventually ascending to the esteemed role of Principal. Guiding the institution towards academic excellence until 2020, the tenure left an indelible mark on the educational landscape.

Expanding horizons, a pivotal shift led to contributions at DPS Kota for three impactful years. However, destiny’s course took an unexpected turn, ushering in a return to Surat. Rising anew like a phoenix, 2022 witnessed the embrace of the Assistant Coordinator role at GD Goenka International School, infusing it with a wealth of experience and an ardent fervor for innovation.

🏆 A Symphony of Recognition: Honors and Achievements

Bestowed with the title of Best Teacher in 2007, the accolade stands as a testament to unwavering dedication and pedagogical prowess.
Recipient of the All-Rounder Best Employee award, recognized for versatility and excellence in multifaceted roles.
Acknowledged as the Most Efficient Teacher for the academic years 2014-15, a testament to exceptional efficiency in educational endeavors.
Achieving Academic Excellence in 2011-12 marked a milestone in fostering brilliance in scholastic pursuits.
Acknowledged with the title of Best Proficiency for the academic years 2014-15, demonstrating excellence across all facets of educational endeavors.
Appreciation bestowed by Society Has Eve SHE in 2020, recognizing significant contributions to societal progress.
Commendation received from the District Judge Kota, highlighting exceptional contributions in the realm of education.
Consistent recognition from the Science Olympiad Foundation (2010-2016) as Principal, for promoting scientific temper and academic excellence.
Commendation for innovative educational endeavors by Mr. Sonam Wangchuk from Eddubuddy and Education India, acknowledging pioneering efforts.
Recognition for dedicated efforts towards social causes from NGO Samvedna Research Foundation Kota.
Acknowledgment for tireless enthusiasm towards regional development from Ruch Shetra Vikas Chambal Kota.
Active participation in continuing education and development acknowledged with a Certificate by CED in 2022.
Recognition from HRDC, The Delhi Public School Society for fostering interdisciplinary learning, exemplified by a certificate.
Advocating well-being in education through participation in a Stress Management Workshop, recognized with a certificate.
Acknowledgment of administrative skills by YMCA Institute of Office Management, reflected in a certificate.
Active participation in commemorating national events, acknowledged with a certificate for the International Conclave on Kargil Diwas 2021.
Recently honored with the titles of Super Women Psychologist 2024 and Woman of the Year 2024, recognizing ongoing excellence and contributions to society.
This illustrious tapestry of recognition serves as a testament to an unwavering commitment to educational excellence and an unyielding pursuit of knowledge. As the adventure continues, each honor propels forward in shaping futures and fostering a profound love for learning.